At first glance, its job of writing an expository essay seems easy, but there are many creative tips and secrets to know if you want your assignment to truly shine, and each others top essay writing service is here to help. Here is everything you need to know regarding how to write expository essay.


If you have never encountered an expository essay assignment before, you are probably wondering: “What is an expository essay?” Understanding its nature of the task in front of view is as important as doing a literature review or giving your essay one final polish.

So what is an expository essay exactly or rather how is it different from other academic papers? An expository essay is a piece of writing where the author’s job is to introduce the audience to a particular concept.

How are a persuasive essay or rather an expository essay different?

Students with little writing experience often ask the question: “How are a persuasive essay or rather an expository research report different?” The big and key difference between an expository essay and a persuasive essay is that the expository essay does not require the author to address his personal attitude to the subject, whereas writing a persuasive essay means expressing an opinion and attempting to convince the audience that it’s the only possibly correct opinion.

Is an argumentative essay an expository essay?

If kids look at some expository journal examples, high school level, you may think that this type of written assignment is fairly similar to an argumentative journal. However, there is at least one essential difference between the two.

An argumentative journal requires the author to have a personal opinion about the subject matter and then support it with compelling arguments. The writer of an expository journal does not need to convince the readers of anything — he simply needs to present the facts.


After learning the expository journal definition, it’s easy to think that this written assignment is pretty straightforward and can be mastered very quickly. That is why many students are surprised to learn that there are actually six main types of expository essays that are commonly used in modern schools:

  • Definition journal, where the writer attempts to give a more precise definition to a concept that has been already defined by other scholars;
  • Classification journal, where the writer takes a complete concept and breaks it down into groups and pieces;
  • Problem and solution essay, which requires the writer to define a problem and then offer a solution that has the highest chance of solving the problem;
  • Cause and effect essay, where the writer needs to cover the reasons for the subject in question happening and the possible results of the event;
  • Process essay, also known since the “how-to thoughts”, where the writer describes the steps in a particular procedure that will lead to the desired result;
  • Comparison and contrast report, where its writer compares two subjects or rather defines their differences or rather similarities.
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