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Every task you deal with as a student is important, but a scholarship essay is one of the most crucial challenges in your studies. With the cost of a college education rising every year, winning a scholarship is often the only way many students can afford going to college, and a scholarship essay is an essential component of a successful application.

Unfortunately, you are unlikely to be taught how to write an essay for a scholarship in your high school classes. Moreover, the competition for scoring a scholarship is incredibly tight and you’ll have to write the most impressive scholarship essay if you want to win.

The good news is that our top quality and cheap essay writing service specializes in writing scholarship essays for all kinds of students and institutions. Today we are here to tell you how to write scholarship essay that will impress everyone around you.


The format and content of scholarship essay are different from most written assignments you completed before, but you still need to choose the correct scholarship essay outline if you want your paper to be successful.

If you look at any scholarship essay example, you will see that the outline of a scholarship essay matches the outline of most other types of essays and contains an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

You may think that writing a scholarship essay outline is not a necessary step in your writing process, but an outline actually has a lot of significance for the success of your essay. Creating an outline allows you to neatly organize your thoughts and ideas without leaving anything behind.


If you have never written a scholarship essay before and haven’t seen any scholarship essay examples, you probably don’t know how to start a scholarship essay the right way. The introduction to your scholarship essay is a very important part of the paper, as it sets the scene for the readers and gives them a glimpse of what they are about to read.

The key to writing a good scholarship essay introduction and the remaining parts of the paper is to carefully study the prompt given to you. The prompt may or may not come in the form of a question, and if it is phrased as a statement, you may benefit from paraphrasing it into a question.

In some cases, you won’t be given any writing prompts and you’ll need to brainstorm your own ideas regarding what to write about. The most popular self-devised prompts for a scholarship essay include:

  • What makes you worthy of a scholarship?
  • How the college will benefit from accepting you as a student?
  • Why exactly do you need financial aid to receive an education?

Like any other essay, a scholarship essay will benefit from including a hook in the first part of the introduction. Since a scholarship essay is a highly personal form of writing, the hook should also be directly linked to your personal thoughts and experiences. In some cases, you can also quote the way your supervisor may describe you.

The final part of your introduction should be a thesis statement, which clearly explains your position and sets the tone for the remaining parts of the paper. The thesis statement should be brief, clear, and very convincing.


Once the introduction to your scholarship essay is ready, it’s time to learn how to write an essay for scholarship. The purpose of the body paragraphs of your scholarship essay is to support the thesis statement by providing strong arguments and evidence.

There is no exact number of paragraphs to include in your scholarship essay, so it largely depends on what you want to say in your paper and the word count or paper length recommendations from the school’s admission board. You can go with the classic 3-paragraph body or go higher or lower than that.

Each body paragraph should be centered around a different argument, which needs to be clearly stated at the beginning of each paragraph. Then you need to offer compelling evidence. In the case of a scholarship essay, the evidence must come from your own experience and achievements, not relevant scientific literature.

After you have sufficiently explained why exactly you deserve a scholarship in the body of your essay, you can wrap your writing up by creating a powerful conclusion. In your conclusion, you can once again state your thesis statement and supporting arguments that prove you are a worthy candidate for the scholarship.

A conclusion to a scholarship essay is different from most other conclusions you have ever written. Your job is to make the conclusion convincing and memorable, which is why you can even include a call to action at the end of your essay. It will certainly impress the readers of the paper and make them consider your request.


After learning how to write a good scholarship essay, you may think that it’s not particularly necessary for you to see any example of scholarship essay. However, checking out a good scholarship essay sample has a number of benefits for the writer.

Most importantly, a winning example of a scholarship essay helps you quickly understand what your paper should look like and how it should be formatted. You can also get some great ideas on how to make your writing more engaging and memorable.

We have prepared for you some of the best scholarship essay examples you have ever seen and we are confident they can be very helpful for every scholarship essay writer.


When it comes to the scholarship essay format, you should first check the requirements at the school you are applying to. The admission boards at different schools have different expectations from your essay and may want to see it formatted differently.

But how to format a scholarship essay if there are no specific requirements the school is asking for? If the school does not specify the format or guidelines for your writing, you can stick to the most common format requirements in American schools:

  • 12pt Times New Roman font
  • Double-spaced pages with 1.5-inch margins on all sides
  • Approximately 1 page or 300 words of text
  • No title page
  • Your name and essay title on top of the page
  • Name, date, and signature on the bottom


Writing a scholarship essay is one of the most life-changing steps you will ever take in your academic career. Obtaining a scholarship can completely change the course of your education and give you better opportunities in life.

That is why it is completely understandable if you have doubts about whether you can do the best job with your essay. After all, you have plenty of other assignments to worry about, and the pressure of winning the scholarship can be too much for any student.

We are a USA essay writing service that has already helped hundreds of students achieve their goal of studying at a dream school. Let us do your scholarship essay for you while you are busy doing other things that matter to you!

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